Ul Csa Mutual Recognition Agreement

d. Test location (large objects can be tested on you by mutual agreement) – For the purposes of this agreement, a component is a component of any device that is a component of an electrical product or other electrical component. SMC also established compliance with CSA and UL standards and obtained compliance certification. To view it, the above CSA NRTL/C marking is affixed to the product badge. CSA and UL have signed an agreement to develop a mutual component adoption program, which ultimately provides for the adoption of components used in finished products subject to CERTIFICATION/TO the UL or CSA list. Under the terms of the agreement, each organization accepts certification/list of components in the other organization`s finished products, provided that each organization can apply its procedures for accepting existing components to components certified by the other organization and has only been evaluated and confirmed after the equivalence of the monitoring programs. Initially, the agreement is limited to low voltage distribution and control devices and will be re-evaluated after an 18-month period. “This recognition supports UL`s strategy, which focuses on developing our Latin American operations to strengthen our support for the region,” said Alvaro Theisen, UL`s Latin America Managing Director. “The MRA approval of the Mexican UL by the Mexican authorities is the first agreement of its kind for the new NOM-003-SCFI standard, and this new agreement allows UL to offer our customers more flexibility in terms of time and cost for the certification process in order to access the Mexican market.” For example, a metal oxide varistor – MOV – is recognized ul because it cannot be used as a standalone element, but it can be incorporated into other devices. The final product in which mov is used can be listed UL.

The detection of the device can also define its classification and where it can be used, as well as other specific technical details such as voltage/current rating, etc. The UL-recognized design for a product that needs to be listed UL is the right process, but it must be taken care to use the right category of components, and that it “acceptance conditions” fully meet the requirements in the finished product application. In addition, CSA and UL worked together to streamline the certification process. An example is the acceptance of CSA-certified electrical components for testing finished products to avoid redundant testing. Another thing is that the CSA and UL have entered into an agreement to offer a dual certification that allows a product to obtain both UL and CSA approval from only one of the two laboratories. Malcolm O`Hagan, President of NEMA, said: “This historic agreement will help NEMA members bring their products to market faster, while avoiding undue costs. We lease underwriters and CSA International for this new agreement in the interest of their customers.┬áTo meet the needs of manufacturers, CSA Group and UL implemented a collaborative process in 2003 that leads to mutual acceptance of components in low-voltage distribution and control devices. In some cases, you`ll find the CSA logo with “US” below.