3M Systems Tape Agreement

2. Get a free headband or spare parts kit for your existing machine with signed system tape contract. A 3M band agreement is a program that keeps your systems up and running. We encourage you to switch to the 3M band or continue to use it. We offer discounts on new machines or spare parts and band head on existing systems. Speed up your 3M matic™ ROI and save your band purchases in two simple steps! ⬜ Get a free case with high-quality 3M bracelet dispensers! Get the best mass prices on tape while you receive support from a 3M-Premier distributor. The more tape you buy, the more benefits and savings you will get. Save on your packaging ribbon purchases and accelerate the return on your investment in 3M-Matic™ Case Sealer. 1. Get 10% off a new matic 3M-Matic™ purchase of box sealer with a signed system tape contract. ⬜ This is not a problem. We work with 3M to organize your award so that you are in the best position for you.

3M-Matic™ case sealants are consistent and durable, require little maintenance and help you perform your case sealing operations reliably. Each model features advanced, patented, lightweight 3M`s™ AccuGlide™ 3 Taping Head with its curved linear track that ensures that even lightweight corrugated cardboard cases are sealed safely and with a scotch® scotch box. Learn more about 3M™ Systems Tape Agreement offers by filling out this form. Win 3M AcccuGlide Tape Heads for free by purchasing qualifying quantities of Scotch Box Sealing Tape. Get incentives from a single pallet order per year! Win bar discounts if you buy a new 3M-Matic Case Sealer or Combi Packaging Systems and purchase qualifying Scotch Box Sealing Tape amounts. . . .

3. Upgrade to a new machine from an existing 3M-Matic ™ Case Sealer or a competitive machine and gets 15% off on a new machine. . Current customers could receive bar discounts, receive free coins or add accessories to a matic 3M-Matic™.