Section 106 Agreement Northumberland

The authorization would be subject to a Section 106 legal agreement to secure 10 affordable housing units, $25,800 for assistance to family health care facilities, and a contribution to the coastal reduction of $615 per unit for a total of $22,755. As of December 1, 2020, the monitoring fee for all new S106 agreements will be as follows based on the number of trigger points. Similarly, for S106 agreements that include affordable housing obligations, these additional fees will be charged at the above fee, to include a separate tax to cover long-term discounted home monitoring (DMV). This figure is $400 per house. Eleven neighbours also objected, although there were four letters of support. Please note that there is an addendum to the July 2015 S106 protocol to replace the current pricing plan. See the minutes of Section 106 Planning Obligations for July 2015. He adds: “Other effects can be satisfactorily mitigated by planning conditions.” Click here to tell us if you have found the content of the Remote Session page, which will be broadcast on YouTube, is the first time the committee has met since February and the first of five local councils (CIDs) that has taken place since their processing of planning requests during the Covid 19 pandemic was suspended earlier this month. The last LAC meeting took place in the first half of March. Planning officials prepared a report for municipal councillors, which contains detailed information on the application as well as opinions from various bodies, and the public was also given the opportunity to give their opinion on the developer`s proposals.

The proposed self-build mix consists of eight three-bedroom houses, 13 four-bedroom apartments and six five-bedroom apartments, while affordable homes would have three two-bedroom houses, three three apartments and four two-bedroom bungalows. The offer requires approval for a mix of 27 home-made and 10 affordable housing units on land south of Rogerson Road. The new CIL rules allow local planning authorities to calculate monitoring fees for the costs of monitoring obligations and for additional work and resources related to the publication of developer contributions. Northumberland`s health chiefs face “difficult choices” as the county is at the tip of Kovid. , meeting of the Northumberland Local Area Council.